Who We Are

Vogama Travel is only working with large Chinese travel corporations and is the B to B (Business to Business) model.


The company is acting as the land operator of UK and Europe for those large travel companies, is signing up annual contract and taking purchasing orders from those companies on yearly basis.


The group is for between 20 and 40 Chinese Tourists into UK and Europe and the value for each group is various.

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Stable Relationshiop

We build stability relationship with clients to have continous yearly contract and with suppliers to have better support from them.

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Direct Contacts

We have direct contacts with all land service suppliers. We provide hotels, local buses, touring coaches, attractions, guides, ferries, restaurants and shows. We use our continous purchasing orders to get the lowest price in the market.


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Knowledge Expertise

Our dynamic teams have the expert knowledge of destinations in Europe, whether customising a trip for pleasure or planning a special event, our travel experts are reflected in the passion to design products and services to match customers‘ strategies and segmentations.


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24/7 Response

We deliver the promise to confirm all services with availability quickly, and check services before clients check in. We do all the hard work to ensure every single tour will be returned with success and pleasure.

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OUR services COME WITH...

  • Quick response
  • Knowledge Expertise
  • 24/7 around the clock
  • Maximize the satisfaction

What We Do

Vogama Travel looks after all aspects of the group requirements whilst in the UK and Europe.


This involves movement of the group from airport to pre booked hotel, management of the daily itinerary for the duration of the stay, and return travel to airport, organisation of coach travel, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, creation of the itinerary, and being the point of contact to resolve any issues. .

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Food by the sea

Tailored Service
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Castle View
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Castel View
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Luxurious journey

Customised holiday
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Relax by the lake

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Private swimming pool
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Yacht Tour

Family trip
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Live on the water

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Why Us

Stable return of the investment (ROI) with the approved past years' track record.


Large continuous purchasing orders with guaranteed big scale sales revenue from clients.


A license from the Chinese Government Travel Board to act as a Land Operator for both UK and Europe.


Registered in all European embassies qualifying to help Chinese tourists assiting European VISA.


Understanding Clients' needs (Language and Culutre Advantages)


The co-owners were both born in China, studied in UK, and have UK citizenship. Both now live permanently in UK and are Mandarin & English speakers with cultural knowledge. Language and cultural knowledge sets them apart from competitors. They have a database of qualified freelance tour guides in several countries with the necessary language skills to provide service as the company expands.

Direct Contacts and large suppliers database



A great database of reliable hotels and coach suppliers in several countries.

Funding for expanding the business into other cities in China


The company has only set up the sales office in Beijing and its’ current supply of tourist groups is also only from Beijing. There are so many other major cities, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu in China, with the extra funding, the company will set up the sales office into different cities in China to further expand the sales net work and work with more Chinese travel companies around the country.

Funding for developing the different platform to deal with individual customers directly


The Vogama team is currently focusing on the group business, B to B and deal with large Chinese travel companies only. With the extra funding, the Vogama team is able to lunch the new travel product, Vogama Club, focusing on individual customers and to create and deliver suitable tailor-made customised itinerary for small family leisure trips or business visits. Vogama is aiming to target midrange customers, to provide personalised and professional ‘all in one‘ travel services.









Variety holiday Packages

Excellent services in Europe


Family White Beach Holiday


Tailored Dinner By Sea


Entertainment In The Sky


Breakfast With Sunshine


Under The Water


Exclusive Private Island

OUR services

24/7 whenever you need, we will be there for you.

Outstanding Customer services satisifcation
Partnering with majority Hotels in Europe
Partnering with many Europe Coach companies
Serving most popular destinations in europe

“We have the great passion in the travel business. ”

Investment Scheme

Long-term investment:

Share Equity



This type of investment is for holding the company share equity. The valuation of the business will be based on its proof of concept, skills of its key operators, and the existing flow of tourist groups through Chinese contacts, growing market size, and profitability post investment.


By choosing this investment option, the investors will be holding the company ordinary share and benefit the annual dividend. The dividend will be based on the company's annual profit.


The more money the company make, the more dividend the investors will be receiving. The value of the ordinary share would be even doubled or tripled or even more in the future years when the manager team is buying back the company share, or the company is going for the second round funding or to sale some of shares to other companies.


Exist options will be:

Management buy back of shares

New funding round

Share sale to another Land Operator

Share sale to a UK, European or Chinese travel company or even IPO



Short-term investment:

Debt Equity (Debenture)


This type of investment is like the short term loan to the company and is like the debenture aiming for the interest only.


The longer you invested in the company, the higher interest you will receive.


Investors can also access the money after a certain time by just providing the company notice without any early withdraw fees.


Your investment is 100% safe with the company.


By choosing this investment option, the investors will be benefiting the guaranteed interest return.



The interest will be paid by direct debit to investors’ bank account on yearly basis

Investors can easily access the money by providing the certain notice.

Receiving accumulated loyalty reward interests

Money is 100% safe as it is debenture and is a company short term loan

Please feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries


“We are looking forward to hearing from you. Welcome on board. ”



Contact Us

London Office:


SouthBank House, Black Prince Road, London

United Kingdom


For Sales: +44 (0) 20 3397 9186

For Customer Service: +44 (0) 56 0366 5111

Fax: +44 (20) 3637 1168

For Investors: investors@vogama.com



Zurich Office:


Badenerstrasse 549, Zurich, 8048


For Sales: +41 (0) 44 580 2108



Beijing Office:


11th Floor, 1113A - 1115A, North Yi, Zhong Yang Ban Gong Lou, Zhuang Sheng Chong Guang Plaza, No. 10, Wai Da Jie, Xuan Wu Men, Xi Chen District


For Sales: +86 (010) 6641 2423; +86 (0) 138 1021 3314